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Does your website lack the magic to be found by the search engines?

Does Google do the Mootgle? Does Bing bong? Is Yahoo! not worth yodeling about? Does ask you “huh”?

Sounds like it is time to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of SEO!

No, Search Engine Optimization is not magic, but it sure seems to be to most of the people making websites today. What good is a website if it can not be found on the four major search engines?

The single most important factor for any website is for it to be found on the internet once it has been up on the net after a few weeks! If your website is more than six months old and it is still not showing up where you would like for it to be, more than likely, it is not going to go any higher in rankings as it stands now. If your website was not created with SEO in mind from the start and was just put on the internet without much consideration for SEO, there is little chance it is just going to show up on its own!

Good search engine optimization begins with planning out the foundation of the SEO for the website before the first page is made. A great looking, Flash fancy, website does no one any good if it can not be found when someone does a search engine query for what your website is all about.

When a website is build with SEO planned in correctly, it can have great results with all the search engines. This SEO can either be done with white or black magic, or in other words, either whitehat or blackhat methods could be used. The blackhat methods will eventually get you in trouble with the search engines and those websites with good whitehat SEO will be rewarded with good search engine rankings.

Never let an SEO “expert” guarantee you a #1 ranking with any of the search engines because it is completely bogus that anyone can flat out guarantee this!

The SEO Wizard will guarantee you to get your website ranked above your competition’s website in the majority of search queries and of course the SEO Wizard’s magic is always shooting to be the first hit as many times as possible.

Just what does it take to have “good” SEO?

The answer to that question is that it takes many things adding up together in concert to make for good SEO. Though there are certainly some very key elements that need to be taken care of that weigh heavily on the rankings, it is the total sum of everything that is done that creates the perfect synergy for good SEO. This perfect synergy of search engine optimization needs to conform with the organic, whitehat methods of SEO.

Don’t let someone perform “bad magic” on your website! The SEO Wizard is ready to consult with you. We will not only analyze your website, but your competition’s as well in order to determine the best way to get your website or website system at the top of the search engine rankings. If you do not already have a website, we can custom build a website that fits your needs as well as providing all the SEO to have your website found. Every website created by the SEO Wizard receives one-year FREE hosting by our excellent server system provided for by!

Just some of the search engine techniques The SEO Wizard uses deep linking, multiple websites, backFront pages, Google Map and WebTools, XML sitemaps and much more in order to put together the best organic, whitehat synergy to get your business found on all four of the major search engines.

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Does your website have the right prescription to be found on the search engines?

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